Boot Rooms

Boot rooms are becoming so popular and a great solution to a busy household. These rooms are a great solution for the transition from outdoors to in. A great place to remove your shoes, boots, and outdoor clothing where they can be stored, dry out on wet days and where the mess is contained. Depending on the space you have in your house, boot rooms can be standalone rooms or part of a reclaim of under stairs storage or another popular approach is to incorporate the boot room functionality into your utility room design.

By combining cleverly planned storage with a durable easy to clean flooring, mucky footprints and indeed paw prints throughout your house will become a thing of the past.

Utility Rooms

Most modern houses, regardless of the size come equipped with a utility room. A dedicated space to hide your laundry equipment and other tools for the more mundane household chores. In most cases, the utility room space hasn’t been clearly thought out or planned and for many becomes an unpleasant dumping ground.

With careful planning and consideration for the needs of your home, we can create a utility room that allows you create a clutter-free thoughtful space that’s a joy to spending time in – even when doing the laundry! What’s more, by matching your utility room with your kitchen decor, the spaces will flow seamlessly from one to the next.